God Bless 'Merica

Have you ever had the urge to shout from the rooftops your undying love for the United States? We can't help you with the rooftops, however, but thanks to the new website "God Bless 'Merica," created by Adams House resident Justin R. Butler '11, you can come pretty close. Butler combined his web design hobby with inside jokes between him and his friends into a blog that allows people to share why they love 'Merica.

The idea began with Butler's recognition of the popularity of niche user-generated content websites, such as HarvardFML.

"We're always talking about ridiculous things that we do and how much we love America," Butler said. These conversations led him to create a forum with which to share moments of American pride.

Users can submit links, pictures, videos, and stories anonymously by visiting  the website. However, be sure to exercise your First Amendment rights carefully, as the terms of the website allow for alteration and deletion of posts by moderators.

"It's definitely been a concern of ours to moderate it, at least in the beginning," Butler said, "so that it doesn't become a hateful thing, because it's supposed to be a fun, all-inclusive thing."

So far, "God Bless ‘Merica" has gotten more hits than Butler anticipated, and he and his friends hope to expand and create other user-generated content blogs and websites, possibly of a more serious nature

Until then? Go online to share your pride for the red, white, and blue, and "GB'M."

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