Make Way for Penguins


It's not every day that you see a penguin come to tea. But if you happened to waddle through the puddles of Quincy yesterday, you might have noticed four of them smiling back at you through the rain.

About this time last year, Ann E. Kurrasch '07, a Quincy house elf, sculpted a whole living room—including television set, armchair, footstool, dog, and cat—out of snow in the courtyard of Quincy House. Yesterday, she set out in the cold rain to sculpt the Quincy House mascot.

With the help of a crowbar she borrowed from Quincy House Co-Master Deborah J. Gehrke, Kurrasch later completed her rendition of "Make Way for Ducklings" with three smaller penguins. Some black spray paint and orange food coloring would help complete the quartet.

Photo by Parul Agarwal/The Harvard Crimson


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