New Website Lets You Play Cupid

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, one may be tempted to throw his or her hands up hopelessly in the sea of singles. However, if you are ready to play Cupid for a change, a new matchmaking site for Harvard and MIT affiliates aims to make you the doctor of love.

So what is this new cyber love potion? Run by Harvard grads Ameya A. Velingker '10, Jason H. Gao '10, and Timothy H. Hsieh '10 (who all met in Physics 16), the matchmaking site is called nChooseTwo.

Simply take "n" friends, pick two you're sure would make an adorable couple, submit their names (they do need to be registered for the site), and voila! Once a pairing is proposed, both "matchees" have the opportunity to accept the match and continue down the pathway of love or to decline the match and keep the rejection unknown to all other parties.

"We realized how important friends are in introducing you to new people," said Hsieh. This is the key distinction between nChooseTwo and other Harvard dating sites such as CrimsonSpark. However, nChooseTwo has a "crush" feature similar to CrimsonSpark and will soon have a feature that allows users to query the anonymous matchmaker about why he or she chose the match.

"It is exciting and important for the local community to have leverage over their matchmaking, rather than browsing random people," said Gao, "especially when you can utilize those who know you best."

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