Cambridge has seen an unusually high amount of snowfall this winter, and recent weather conditions have caused enough damage to the Quincy House library, also known as the Qube, to force it to close.

According to Quincy House Building Manager Dick Nerden, the Qube has been closed since the beginning of the semester due to a combination of age and extreme weather conditions that resulted in frozen drains and ceiling leaks. Nerden and his staff have been working to complete the necessary repairs. So far, two separate drains have been fixed, and roof leaks are in the process of being repaired.

"We hope it'll be open by the end of this week or the start of the next," Nerden said.

In the meantime, Qube enthusiasts are forced to find other nooks to call their study spots. Lucky for them, they can use this handy guide to figure out the next best place to do their reading.

Photo by Danielle F. Dejoy/The Harvard Crimson