Some surprising visitors have been causing quite a stir in Allston recently. According to local residents in an email forum, turkeys have been spotted making their way into backyards, circling barbecue grills, and wobbling alongside their human-counterparts on busy streets.

Resident Sarah H. Ayanian recently saw a wild turkey roaming around her garden in Lower Allston, and, in an email, poked fun at the irony of later finding the turkey standing within feet of her grill.

"This guy/gal even gives a new spin on the term 'grilling turkey!'" Ayanian wrote.

Resident Jim Creamer said that the birds paid his home a visit as well.

"Yes, turkeys have invaded North Allston too. We found one on our front porch on Aldie Street Friday morning, big as a, well, pretty damn big," Creamer wrote in an email.

One of the birds was even spotted in the Cambridge area, venturing as far as Canaday Hall, where it stooped on a windowsill and surprised freshmen residents looking out from their windows.