New Website Consolidates Event Publicity

EventPlease hopes to centralize event publicity on Harvard's campus to make event planning easier for Harvard students as well as promote environmental sustainability.

Michael B. Wong '12 proposed EventPlease in September to three close friends and co-creators, Alisha D. Ramos '12, Spencer D. Chan '12, and Stefan K. Muller '12. The site now hosts over 75 organizations' events and recently received an endorsement from the UC.

"Our ultimate goal is that the site will replace all other forms of event tracking like Facebook. No one would have to poster. No one would have to spam their house list," Muller said. "We're also hopeful that other college campuses will use our model."

On EventPlease, Users post events happening around Harvard and other users can choose to track these events. There are several different feeds: one for popular events, one for new events, and a "recommended" feed that predicts what events a user would attend based on previous behavior.

"For now we're focusing on Harvard. We are in the pilot stage, we definitely want to hear about how we can make it better," Ramos said. "We want a more connected, more social and more inclusive Harvard. It can give you a wonderful sense of how diverse we are."

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