Google Celebrates the 119th Anniversary of the Sundae

When you browse Google today in search of SparkNotes for that book you're supposed to be reading or translations of certain phrases in a foreign language, you may notice that the Google logo has temporarily changed.

Today's logo is designed with a 1950s diner in mind; the text is written in curvy light blue cursive, and the "O"s are composed of two decadent scoops of vanilla and strawberry ice cream with chocolate sauce, a cherry, and whipped cream on top.

Google is celebrating the 119th anniversary of the invention of the ice cream sundae by two men in 1892 in Ithaca, New York. The logo is a homage to the discovery of the famous dessert.

This news is especially exciting for ice cream fans on campus, as Sundays at Harvard are often known as "Sunday Sundaes" in anticipation of dessert. As dining halls will be serving sundaes tonight as always, making the extra effort to wait in line for a scoop or two may have added significance.

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