Still scrambling to find summer housing in Cambridge? While PRISE and Harvard Summer School participants can snag on-campus rooms, others aren't so lucky. But not to fear—Craigslist isn't the only path to housing still available. You have plenty of choices, but they're filling up fast. Secure your spot at one of these great options soon.

Suffolk University

Suffolk offers housing for college interns in Boston—but only if the intern is receiving academic credit. Daily breakfast is included, and students can add a meal plan for an extra cost.

Rooms: Apartments (double, triple, and quad rooms) and suites (single and double bedrooms)

Rates: $345-385/week

Directions to Harvard: Take the Red Line from Downtown Crossing.

Boston University

Housing is available for non-BU students participating in a summer internship or academic research program in the area.

Rooms: Apartment-style multiple-occupancy bedrooms (no singles)

Rates: $241.66/week

Directions to Harvard: Take the Green Line from Boston University East.

MIT Interfraternity Council

Despite the less-than-classy "Animal House" connotations, living in a frat house is probably the cheapest and most social option for college students in the summer.

Rooms: Singles through quints, depending on the fraternity. Kitchen and laundry room use usually included.