The quick and dirty about what's been going on around the Ancient Eight (and other schools too).

Police arrested a Dartmouth College graduate student for allegedly running a methamphetamine lab in his off-campus apartment, The Dartmouth reports. After searching the apartment of graduate student Randy Lambreghts, 28, on suspicion of "possible chemicals," the police seized several items from his apartment for further analysis. Lambreghts was held on a $20,000 bail and the investigation into his drug dealings is ongoing.On the opposite coast, 43-year-old California State San Bernardino professor Stephen Kinzey is wanted by authorities for allegedly running a methamphetamine ring and leading a chapter of a motorcycle gang.

The names and Social Security numbers of 43,000 Yale University affiliates were publicly available for months via Google Search, The Yale Daily News reports. Though the information remained online for about 10 months, Yale’s information technology services director said that no evidence suggested that it had been "exploited" during that time.

The family of murdered Yale University graduate student Annie Le is suing the school for what Le's relatives perceive as a longtime failure in protecting women at the university from sexual violence. Le's body, which showed evidence of sexual assault, was found stuffed into the wall of a Yale lab in 2009. Raymond Clark III, an animal technician who worked in Le's building, was later convicted and sentenced to 44 years in prison for Le’s murder. Yale officials said in a statement, "Yale had no information indicating that Raymond Clark was capable of committing this terrible crime, and no reasonable security measures could have prevented his unforeseeable act."