Syringes Shooting Up in Adams Dishroom

The Adams House dining hall staff has encountered some thorny problems in the past few days: syringes left on trays in the dishroom.

In an email sent out to Adams residents on Tuesday night, Resident Dean Sharon L. Howell said that syringes have been sent to the kitchen on trays via the conveyor belt for dirty dishes recently.

"This poses an unacceptable health risk to our staff," Howell wrote in the e-mail.

Howell wrote that the person responsible for the syringes has not been identified. She informed students that needles can be safely disposed in the bathroom in C-entryway.

According to Adams House Master John G. "Sean" Palfrey '67, there were no needles attached to the syringes that were left behind in the kitchen. He also said the syringes were used to deliver a topical medicine.


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