"Starting a discussion about love and sex at Harvard can be like doing a female condom demonstrationa little awkward, hard to insert, sometimes squeaky, but ultimately rewarding," said Samantha A. Meier '12 during a meeting to discuss the first ever Sex Week at Harvard, which will take place from March 25 to 31.

While Harvard hosts an annual Female Orgasm Seminar, it has never had a sex week, which is popular at colleges like Yale, Brown, and Northwestern. Meier and Abby P. Sun '13 saw a need to fill this hole, and thus founded Sexual Health Education & Advocacy throughout Harvard College (SHEATH).

Over the course of the week, there will be speakers, activities, prizes, and free food. "We are really conscious of the fact there are a lot of different perspectives on campus. We want to make sure that our programming reflects the diversity of students," Sun said.

Some of the panels include Dirty Talk, The Stigma of Anal Sex, and Asexuality. "We are pretty excited about everything, and we hope that this will be a really great beginning to a long line of educational events," Sun said.

Mark your calendars.