Thirsty but broke? Don't worry, Cabot Café is giving out free drinks. But there's a catch.

Every week, people who 'like' Cabot Café's Facebook page are entered into a draw and 10 winners are chosen on the weekend to get a free drink—and in case you were wondering, that means any drink. "We phased in a bunch of delicious fall drinks last week (pumpkin chai, pumpkin spice latte, spiced apple cider, etc.)," said Jesse J. Kaplan ‘13, founder and general manager of Cabot Café. "[We] want to make sure our winners have the chance to sample anything from our menu."

The deal began on Tuesday and will go on until the end of the semester. The first winners will be chosen this weekend, so you still have a chance to be eligible for the first drawing. Winners are contacted via Facebook and their names are provided to the café's baristas, who will be checking IDs.

Free drinks have been offered in the past through various contests, such as a guess-the-number-of-coffee-beans game held last spring. This is the first deal launched to expand the café’s social media presence, however, and the café managers are planning on having similar deals in the future.