As midterm season began to heat up last week, a few Harvard students received a welcome dose of sympathy.

Writing to his Ethical Reasoning 18: "Classical Chinese Ethical and Political Theory" class last Thursday morning, Chinese history Professor Michael Puett apologized for the stressful, frenetic nature of midterms at the College and gave his students reason to cheer. "As a small gesture to help," he wrote, "…you will have no lectures, new reading assignments, or discussion sections next week" (i.e. this week).

That's right: although ER18 students do have a paper due this upcoming Friday, they'll have no other responsibilities in the course to distract them from reflecting on the teachings of China's greatest philosophers for their first major assignment of the term. Moreover, they'll have some more time to prepare for their other midterms.

Puett has consistently come in above the 4.0 mark on the Q-scale instructing ER18, with reviews such as 'Take this course!' and 'Professor Puett is the man!' After a move like this, he is sure to see his popularity rise.

If only all in the FAS were so kind…