Last Saturday, Harvard students launched the first burger into space.

"Some friends and I were sitting together and wanting to do something different," said Nuseir Yassin '14, who put the project together along with four other Harvard students.

In a bout of mischievous contemplation, they decided to send a b.good burger where no burger has gone before. When asked about the project, Yassin laughed and described how they launched a weather balloon equipped with a tracker, a camera, and a burger on a pedestal 100,000 feet up into the air.

"The whole point was to take a picture of the curvature of the Earth and space and put the burger inside it," said Yassin.

After a successful mission, the contraption unfortunately got stuck in a tree and has thus far been irretrievable.

"We hope Sandy will take care of it for us," said Yassin.

Yassin plans to upload a YouTube video showing the preparation and footage of the trip if the camera can be retrieved. b.good, a local burger chain, was remarkably enthusiastic in its support.

In an email to Yassin, b.good representatives said, "There's no way we'd miss the shot at launching some of our locally-raised, house-ground goodness into orbit."

In response to a question on b.good's Facebook page about who gets to eat the burger, Yassin laughed. "The burger has been slightly modified, but you can tell readers it will be on display in Harvard Square's b.good," he said.