It's on your ID card, your waffles, and (hopefully) your diploma: the ever-ubiquitous Veritas seal. Now Flyby explores some of the less obvious places around campus that are stamped with this iconic emblem. Check out the above gallery for a glimpse of the many places the seal can be found. As an added bonus, we even spotted the design at Trader Joe's.

Inside Widener (Fifth Floor Stacks): This book, originally stamped in 1884, bears the Veritas seal to remind you that Harvard's legacy has been around longer than you, your parents, your grandparents, and your great-grandparents.

Wigglesworth Gate: Veritas with a side of bacon.

In the Square: SAT prep books are now an appropriate gift for baby showers.

Outside the COOP: Creditas!

Inside the COOP: Chocolatas!

In Your Dorm: Doubles as a Solo cup on the weekends.

John Harvard Statue: The dirtiest coat of arms on campus.