Though both candidates spent far more than their allotted time bickering over the numbers, Flyby's debate recap will take a more qualitative approach. Herewith, some superlatives.

Most partisan ties: Shout out to both candidates for the handy reminder of which ticket they're running on.

Best anniversary present: A night with Mitt Romney. But seriously, congrats guys.

Least time wasted before playing the baby card: Romney mentioned a tot he met on his travels 40 seconds in.

Romney's most adamant endorsement: Coal. By the way, he likes it.

Fastest flip flop: Obama identified himself as part of the one percent who could afford a tax hike ("Folks like me and him [Romney]") and then, just minutes later, referred to the "folks like me and Michelle" who relied on government support for student loans. (Both, incidentally, are true.)

Truest unrelated things: "I've been in business for 25 years. I have no idea what you're talking about." -Mitt Romney

Dumbest question (thanks, Jim!): "Do you believe there's a difference between the two of you as to how you view the role of the federal government?" Nah... but since you asked, we might be able to come up with something.

Biggest bird in the room: Naturally, Big Bird came up. Mitt Romney likes PBS, he likes Big Bird, and he actually likes Jim Leher.

Most ageist comments: Romney's. Seriously, if you're over 60 there's really no need to listen to these guys.

Romney's fondest memories: Massachusetts Mondays. Those good old days in the Bay State involved weekly bipartisan meetings and lots of other fun times.

Jim Lehrer's fondest memory: That time at the beginning of the debate when both candidates stuck roughly to the two minute answer rule.