You may not have heard, but Harvard is hosting a football game this weekend. If you're a student and haven't picked up your ticket for The Game, today is the last day you can do so. Bring your ID to the Murr Center Ticket Office before 5 p.m. to claim your ticket. No, you can't send a friend with your ID to pick your ticket up. Yes, this means you have to walk across the river.

If you've already got a ticket, get excited for The Game by checking out The Crimson's recent coverage below.

Harvard Administrators: Yale Has No Chance

Andrew J. Berry, a lecturer in Organismic & Evolutionary Biology, claimed that Harvard will beat Yale by 73 points in a lecture titled "Harvard is Better than Yale." If he gets that one right, we think even Nate Silver would be impressed.

Jessica Simpson Is Team Yale

Apparently, she's engaged to a Yale football alum. What's there to say? Some people are willing to settle for second best.

Yale's Harvard-Yale Game Shirt Design Rejected

Since there aren't any obvious jokes relating to Yale and rejection, we're just going to move on.

Head to Head: The Harvard-Yale Faceoff

The Boston Globe published an article pitting Cambridge and New Haven against each other in nine important categories, including best hamburgers, music clubs, and science museums. It ended in a tie. That means we won.

Take Your Pick of Harvard-Yale Shirts

Needless to say, you should go wearing crimson.