To all the students long tired of the assortment of Ranger cookies, tofu, and chickwiches awaiting them at the end of the line in Annenberg, it might be time for a reality check—or at least one website thinks so. The Daily Meal, a site dedicated to food reviews and recipes, ranked Harvard 12th in its list of the "52 Best Colleges for Food in America."

Citing the 13 dining halls and a menu that includes vegetable jambalaya—whatever that is—The Daily Meal declares that "Harvard is certainly no slouch when it comes to options." Maybe someone should tell them that the food doesn't vary from one dining hall to the next.

The article also claims that "this university makes food fun"—that's a pretty ambiguous statement, but it's good to know that even if the food tastes bad, it can apparently still be fun.

You can't help but wonder what the last 40 colleges on the list have to eat. At least we beat Yale—they came in at number 21.