Deflated Princetonians Take Comfort in GPA Converter

Hating Princeton is the new, new thing
Hating Princeton is the new, new thing

It seems like someone in New Jersey is still disappointed they didn't get into Harvard. Fortunately, all those tigers who are licking their academic wounds from last semester can take comfort in a new website that purports to convert Princeton students' GPAs into slightly higher Harvard equivalents. Flyby can only assume that the site was generously created by a Princetonian hoping to fuel his classmates' fantasies about how much better their lives would have been had they gone to Harvard instead.

Although the site was uploaded anonymously, a FAQ explains that the converter works by "aligning GPA's between the two universities by percentile so the median GPA at Princeton will return the median GPA at Harvard, the 90th percentile GPA at Princeton will return the 90th percentile GPA at Harvard, etc." Fiddling around with different values in the converter revealed that the maximum GPA increase was 0.16 points (not exactly a PBK-worthy boost).

While Flyby finds it admirable that some enterprising soul took it upon himself to support others' daydreams of Crimson glory, we can't help but think his or her time may have been better spent filling out a transfer application.

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