Tuesday is Election Day, and in case you haven't been paying attention, The Crimson's got you covered. We've pulled together some highlights of our recent political coverage of Massachusetts' U.S. Senate race and the Presidential race to get you up to speed before filling out your ballot.

U.S. Senate Race

The contest between Republican U.S. Senator Scott Brown and Harvard Law School professor Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat, has been one of the most-watched and highly contested Senate races in the country this year. Despite agreeing to ban third-party spending on the race, the rivals have combined to raise more than $60 million.

Brown and Warren debated three times this fall, once in Boston, once in Lowell, Mass., and once in Springfield, Mass. They have traded shots back and forth along the way and fought for the increasingly important independent vote.

For more on where they candidates stand on student issues, check out their responses to The Crimson on a number of questions.

Presidential Race

President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney hold little in common politically, but both spent formative years at Harvard en route to the national political stage. Read about Obama's time at Harvard Law School and Romney's time there and across the river at Harvard Business School.

The outcome of Tuesday's election will likely change the course of a number of key issues important to Harvard. The Crimson explored the candidates positions on federal student aid, federal research funding, and immigration policy in a three-part feature series.

Of course, Obama and Romney, a Democrat and Republican respectively, are not the only presidential candidates on the ballot Tuesday, and they are not the only Harvard grads either. Jill E. Stein '73 is running on the Green Party. Read about her candidacy here.

Stay tuned to The Crimson for more elction previews and results. For all of our political coverage, including Congressional and state races, check out the 2012 Election topics page.