Last night, America reelected President Barack Obama, Massachusetts voted to send Harvard Law School professor Elizabeth Warren to the senate, and the voters of Colorado legalized recreational marijuana. But long before any of that, there was the FM Political Issue.

We gave you a jukebox, so you would have music to listen to all Election Day. We provided for you a list of three different, equally arbitrary ways to predict the election. And, in the meantime, we had an examination of the third-party life of a College student.

We talked and talked—to an outgoing congressman, a frustrated professor, and a Ph.D. student who Googles. And we asked every single one of them about politics.

You know that kid who is taking the semester off to campaign? No? Well, we do. You know that kid who is transparently preparing years in advance for his/her presidential campaign? Yup, we do, too.

And then, just to make sure you didn't get confused, we drew it out Venn Diagram style and campe up with a surprisingly nuanced divide: Swing States and Swingers.

The popular vote still has yet to be fully tallied—we hope you can use this coverage to keep yourself in the electoral spirit for just a bit longer.