Abe Liu, the Harvard Extension School student who pretended to be a member of the Class of 2015 last year, has returned to campus and launched a surprise campaign for Undergraduate Council president—or so FacebookTumblr, and Twitter would have you believe.

The platform supposedly released by Liu, which includes some traditional campaign issues like revamping social spaces and improving dining hall food, also features novel ideas like the Harvard DREAM Act. Under the act, students who were denied admission to the College could apply for "studentship" status if they meet certain qualifications.

"It's not fair to punish those who weren't accepted into Harvard or never applied by forbidding them from becoming students at Harvard," reads a statement on the campaign's Facebook page.

Students would qualify for the new program if they "maintain residence in an unsuspecting freshman's room for sixty days, steal a Harvard ID, and [do] not get kicked out of the Yard by HUPD until after Reading Period."

The Liu campaign Tumblr includes purported testimonials for Liu.

"Abe Liu really made an effort to get to know everyone in my class last year. It's obvious he cares about the community and wants to continue to be a part of it, even after elections. He has my vote for UC president," reads one.

Another reads, "I'm voting for Abe Liu because he won't let closed doors stand in his way."

Poor taste, or a way to lighten up the campaign season? Let us know what you think in the comments section below, and check Flyby for more updates.