Everyone knows that the world might or might not be ending next Friday, December 21st. Flyby's not in the business of making predictions, but just in case the Mayans were right and the last day of exam period also happens to be the end of, well, everything, we're compiling 8 lists of 8 great things (in no particular order) about the world as we know it, one for each day between now and The End.

Today's theme is Technology.

1. The Printing Press

We're looking at you, Gutenberg. As the proverb goes, Carve some words into stone and three people will read it, ever. Print the bible on handmade linen paper, and you've got a Protestant revolution on your hands, plus a great talking point for Harvard Librarians. Thanks for the memories!

2. Facebook

Love it or hate it, it's given us some great times (if not endless wasted hours). What other platform lets us stalk our middle school crush's relationship status, know what that girl from a summer program in India ate for breakfast, and discover the latest YouTube sensations, all in one place? Flyby likes this.

3. Texting

Without texting, we'd still be leaving voicemails, talking to people on the phone and in person, and paying attention in class. Sure, some people still do all of the above, and others might argue that texting in class is rude. (It is! We agree.) But it has made it far easier not to sit alone at lunch, and for that we are grateful.

4. The Polio Vaccine

Thanks to this medical technology, a disesase that affected hundreds of thousands of people in recent memory has now been nearly eliminated. None of this will matter, of course, if the world actually does end next week. But it was nice while it lasted.

5. The Internet

Wow. Such a good one, universe. From WebMD to Twitter, AOL to Google, and all the random tumblrs in between, the World Wide Web is where it's at. All of it.

6. The iPhone

All of the above, only in one place. (There's probably an anti-polio App, right?) For those of you concerned about next Friday's app-ocalypse, there's an App for that too. We recommend the Flashlight.

7. The Digital Camera

The magic of immeidate deletion makes it possible to ensure that unflattering photos never see the light of day. Unless you happen to be the one taking the photos, and have access to #5 on your #6 so the #2 community can see it forever and ever (till 12/21/12). Smile!

8. The Washing Macine

Just think how gross college would be without it. Laundry day in the Charles, anyone? No one would ever do that. So everything would be dirty. Always.