When the University soon sells the Arsenal on the Charles, its Watertown office park property, to electronic health records company athenahealth, Inc., Harvard will come into a cool $168.5 million. Flyby has some suggestions about what University administrators should do with that money.

• Fund nearly 135 million loads of student laundry in the dorms.

• Purchase more than 6.1 million shares of Facebook.

• Buy more than 56 million slices of 'Nochs pizza.

• Print 3.37 billion black-and-white pages on University printers.

• Put 741 students through Harvard Law School.

• Pay the yearly tuition for all juniors and seniors at the College.

• Buy more than 556,000 new copies of Principles of Economics, the Ec 10 textbook, at the Harvard Coop.

• Pay for nearly 16 million CS50 dog bandanas.

• Provide all 18,000 Harvard employees and staff with a $9,361.11 bonus.

• Fund Elizabeth Warren's Senate campaign four times over.

What do you want to see Harvard do with the money it receives from the sale? Let us know in the comments section.