Love and chocolate were in the air on Monday night as freshmen gathered in Annenberg Dining Hall and kicked off their Valentine's Day celebrations with "Flirting with Faust." Hosted by the First Year Social Committee (FYSC), the event featured music, sweets, and every Harvard student's dream valentine—University President Drew G. Faust herself.

Chocolate flowed in abundance from two fountains, and freshmen took turns dipping Oreos, strawberries, and marshmallows. After helping themselves to a variety of "mocktails," students then had a chance to make Valentines using construction paper, glitter, stickers, and heart-shaped paper doilies provided by the event. "I think it's cool because otherwise I wouldn't have done anything [for Valentine's Day]," Taylor M. duPont '15 said of the event.

President Faust and Dean of Freshmen Thomas A. Dingman '67 were both on hand to chat with students and even posed for pictures. "I think a lot of people are excited to hang out with [President Faust] and see that there's a face behind the name," said Ting-Ting Liu '15, a member of FYSC who helped organize the event.

And if President Faust was her Valentine? "I would get her a couple body guards, because she's clearly a VIP wherever she goes," said Liu.

Later in the evening, it was time for the "Flirt Game Show"—FYSC's take on "The Dating Game." Linda Trujano '15 participated and got to choose between three male contestants after hearing their answers to a series of questions. "His answers were a lot cuter and funnier than the other ones," she said of Ryan M. Rule '15, the contestant she selected to take on a date. "We are going to the Faculty Club for dinner." The game's three other lucky couples walked away with a free meal, as well.

Even for those freshmen who are still flying solo this Valentine's, the evening served as a reminder that a chocolate fountain is a great place to drown your sorrows.