Happy Valentine's Day! Here, from the Arts board, is a playlist that is guaranteed to put you and your partner in the mood for love. Or chocolate.

1. Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong: "Dream a Little Dream of Me"

Two of the greatest jazz singers singing a romantic duet that actually encourages dirty dreams. Does it get any more magical than that?

2. Billie Holiday: "I'll Be Seeing You"

This song is featured in the ultimate chick flick, "The Notebook," during a scene in which Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams throw caution to the wind and dance in the middle of the street. The song's soulful horns and lingering melody would be the last sounds anyone would want to hear were a car to come careening down the road.

3. The Airborne Toxic Event: "The Book of Love"

The normally explosive T.A.T.E. covered this romantic The Magnetic Fields ballad at a concert in Walt Disney Concert Hall and inspired so many lovers that they have since incorporated the song into their set list.

4. Madonna: "Crazy For You"

A song that our parents probably danced to at some high school dance and then...

5. of Montreal: "Gallery Piece"

This take on love is passionate, violent, and, well, scary. When Kevin Barnes sings, "I wanna crash your car / I wanna scratch your cheeks / I wanna make you sick," he no doubt causes thousands of listeners to want an intimate relationship with him.

6. Michael Bublé: "Haven't Met You Yet"

For those who do not have a Valentine and are instead celebrating Singles Awareness Day, listen to this song as you give yourself a hug. Hey, you get to eat the whole box of chocolates by yourself.