Like it or not, summer is fast approaching and, with it, the deadlines for summer funding applications. If you want Harvard to pay for your summer experience, check out the tips in this post and start gearing up for some hardcore grant-writing.

In general, the best way to find grants specific to your interests is to use the Harvard College Funding Database. A variety of categories allows you limit your search criteria to aspects that apply to your needs, including purpose of activity, time frame, location, and areas of interest.

Make sure to check out the database, but in the meantime, the summary below should help to explain the general timeframe of when applications are due.

Study Abroad:

For those of you looking to give your passport a little exercise this summer, the deadline to apply for any study abroad grants is Feb. 17. Your best bet might be the David Rockefeller International Experience Grant, which donates anywhere from $1,500 to the full cost of the trip plus flight expenses.

International Internships:

For those ambitious students looking to intern, research, or do service abroad, or for those who just have a really great—and educational—travel plan to pursue, apply for the international internship grants due Feb. 10. Rockefeller is also a safe bet here, but the Weissman International Internship Program is also very generous, granting between $4,000 and $6,000 to individuals last year.

Domestic Service:

For those looking to stay a little bit more local this summer, applying for domestic service grants might be the way to go. The grants are given out on a rolling deadline, starting Feb. 24 and lasting until funding runs out. Apply early, though!—dishing out $1,500 per student, the domestic service grant is a sweet deal that definitely won't be around in May.

For students whose interests are not listed above, never fear! The Office of Career Services has many more programs available. For more information, refer to their funding website.

Oh, and good luck. We're right there with you.