With Housing Day under a week away, eight new videos to advertise the upperclass Houses have been released. As always, there is a healthy amount of inter-house teasing. Here's our recap.

Replete with posh British accents and multiple wine glass clinks, Eliot's video paints an image of luxury and wealth, poking fun at rival Houses in the process. Some may find it offensive, others hilarious.

Pfoho takes this mockery a bit further in "Sh*t River People Say," which depicts the many perils of living in a River House: animal infestations, tiny rooms, and crowded d-halls, among other things. This one, we think, was actuall pretty funny.

Music video parodies are another common thread this year. Leverett House continues its music video trend with its unofficial video "Bunnies in Paris," a spoof in which Jay-Z's original "Niggas in Paris" plays in the background. Housemaster Howard M. Georgi '67 can be seen dancing around in bunny ears with Lev residents.

Mather's black-and-white "Call Me Mather" mimics Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe." The song's custom-written lyrics boast of Mather's single rooms, the tower, and "Mather Lather"perks that set it apart from other Houses. There's also a lot of girating and grinding to keep the attention of those watching.

Other Houses have showcased impressively professional remakes of popular movie trailers. Based on the trailer for "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," Currier's video is disturbingly entertaining. With its eerie background music and "Fear the Tree" message, it is one of the creepiest we have ever seen, and that may not be a good thing.

Quincy's rendition of "X-Men: First Class" is a prequel to last year's "Quinception" video. With super-powered penguin mutants, "Q-Men: Freshman Class" takes us along on a tour that leaves only one conclusion: "Other Houses were never an option."

We shouldn't forget the Adams video, which was taken down for a few days after Cabot House took offense. But a new one is up, and this time the t-shirts aren't targeting Cabot in particular, but rather the Quad overall.

Finally, there's the video that made most people stop and say "what?" Considering that the point was to show Kirkland's unique flavor, this video is a definite success: it is highly unlikely that any non-Kirkland resident will ever actually understand it.

So, judge for yourselves. Some suck, while others are actually pretty good. Leave a comment letting us know what you think.