For those Flyby readers interested in English lawn games, prepare to be disappointed: Pfoho Croquet will not involve any actual mallets or wickets.

Instead, on April 13 at 9 p.m., Pforzheimer residents will be traveling to different, metaphorical "wickets"—themed rooms around the House—for food and drink. After the controversy surrounding last year's Pfoho Golf, which was cancelled due to concerns about the event's compliance with the College's revised alcohol policy, the newly-named Croquet will allow Pfohosers to eat, drink, and socialize together once again.

This time, "The game will begin in our dhall where an SES member will check IDs," wrote Emma M. Templeton '13, Pfoho House Council social co-chair, in an email. "Residents who are 21+ will be given wristbands." Non-alcoholic drinks will be available wherever alcoholic ones are being served, though there won't be alcohol in all "wickets."

Why croquet? "I really like the word 'wicket,'" Templeton wrote, though "it is by no means required that residents play croquet during Croquet."

Not required, perhaps, but Flyby definitely encourages Pfoho residents to take advantage of the fesitivities and perhaps get in a game or two of the classy British sport while they're at it.