Forget for a minute the problem sets, papers, and midterms that are looming over your head this week. Fast forward five days—it's Friday and you're officially on Spring Break!

One problem: if you didn't have the time or foresight to plan your week of freedom, and if you're not headed home, you're probably stuck in good old Cambridge, Mass. for the week. Luckily, the Undergraduate Council is looking to fund students staying in Boston over the break.

The UC Student Initiatives Committee is giving away $2,000 worth of Spring Break 'Getaway Grants' through which students can get a maximum of $30 each for a planned outing. A simple application asks students to list a brief proposal and the expected expenses.

"We imagine that this $30 per person will extend as far as students' imaginations go," said UC Ivy Yard representative Salena Cui '15. "They can even choose to go on a bus trip to New York if they want!"

UC representatives said that the point of the initiative is to encourage students to go out and explore the city and use the UC's funds. Creative ideas and outings are encouraged, they added.

"Five minutes to fill out this application will lead to a life's worth of memories," said UC Crimson Yard representative Ting-Ting H.T. Liu '15. "So do it."

While that's obviously an exaggeration, we do think these $30 could go a long way in funding a successful day or weekend trip.

Applications are accepted up until 3 p.m. on March 8, and decisions will be sent out on March 10.