In the pre-Housing Day flurry, several Houses have begun rolling out promotional tumblr blogs. Cabot House's tumblr features its mascot, the Cabot Fish, planking in front of various Harvard hotspots such as the steps of Memorial Church, the doorway of The Crimson, and even the Sanders stage before an Ec 10 lecture. Lowell, too, launched a tumblr, which rides on the coattails of the Harvard meme trend with images featuring captions like: "Significant other got quadded / Long distance relationship."

Cabot and Lowell aren't the first to consider using tumblr as a platform. Last year, Currier House started an official blog to centralize its Housing Day videos, songs, and other miscellanea. However, Currier's blog hasn't been updated since 2011. Same goes for Pfoho, as they also had a tumblr last year that hasn't been updated since.

Cabot's tumblr diverges from the norm a little in its unwavering good cheer. Unlike the snarky taglines posted on the Lowell tumblr or Pfoho's sarcastic Sh*t River People Say video, Cabot sticks to pretty, soft-focus photos of the Quad.

"We wanted another way that was eco-friendly and easy for freshman to learn about our house," said Jillian M. Smith '14, who worked on the tumblr.

"A lot of people don't know things about Cabot. You don't hear from Cabot a lot," added Laura S. Hinton '13, the tumblr's creator. The new Cabot blog is certainly eye-catching, with pages after pages of images featuring the Cabot Fish, in all his friendly, red and yellow splendor.

Will the Cabot tumblr usher in a new age of friendlier Housing Day festivities? Perhaps. But we're skeptical.