Flyby went to YardFest, and we eavesdropped on a few conversations. Here is what we heard:

Girl by Widener:

"I got it! I got some crack!"

Two days before YardFest:

1: "Are you excited about The Cataracs?"

2: "Yeah...I don't even know who The Cataracs are. I'm just excited for day drinking."

On the grass:

1. "Where's [name omitted]?"

2. "I left her for two minutes to get her water. When I got back, she was with HUPD. Apparently she was falling all over herself."

1. "Damn. That girl goes too hard."

Weld bathroom:

"Never been this drunk in my life. I'm too drunk. My pants are not buttoned."

By the stage:

1. "Oh my God, look at them grinding. She's literally butt-massaging his knee."

2. "Awkward height difference..."