It's Mather Lather's 10th Anniversary this Friday night, from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. Before you go, be sure to keep these tips in mind—you'll be hosed if you don't!

1. Skip the makeup; it will get washed off anyway. Everything looks better in a wonderland of bubbles!

2. Instead of denim or cotton, wear thin fabrics like mesh or nylon that won't rub against your skin. The soap is harsh.

3. Don't pregame so hard. You really, really don't want to slip, fall, or pass out in the middle of the dance floor, and the foam—among other things—severely impairs people's ability to see and therefore avoid bumping into you.

4. Immediately after the party, take a shower (or ten)! Bonus points if you have friends in Mather who will let you use their showers.

5. Stop thinking about it. Yes it might be a little gross; yes, there's potential for rashes. But like that little yellow fish in "Finding Nemo", you should go to Mather Lather with only "BUBBLES!" on your mind.

Get your tickets during dinner in Mather Dining Hall or from any Mather HoCo members. $7 for Mather residents and $10 for general admission (tickets are also SEF-eligible). Harvard ID required for entry.