The Major League Baseball season may just be getting underway, but the Bay State's other great showdown, the U.S. Senate race, has been progressing for weeks. As the Boston Red Sox preparing to celebrate the 100th birthday of Fenway Park on Friday, it seemed the candidates wanted to play ball too—on MSNBC's Morning Joe, that is.

The morning political talk show set up camp outside the Red Sox dugout Friday morning and invited Harvard Law School professor Elizabeth Warren and U.S. Senator Scott Brown onto the show to talk shop. Though they did not appear together, the two campaigners offered mostly light-hearted jabs at each other and shared stories from the trail.

The Democrat and Republican pulled out some of their favorite lines for national TV. Warren called Brown one of Wall Street's favorite senators and Brown called Warren a partisan "rock thrower" in return.

Some polls in recent weeks have shown Brown winning the race, while others have put Warren ahead. Needless to say, it is going to be a tight race well into the fall.

Look out for more updates as they come.