U.S. Senator Scott Brown stopped by Mr. Bartley's Gourmet Burgers to finally get a taste of the burger that bears his name Monday afternoon.

Surrounded by cameras and gawkers, Brown ate at the bar of the Harvard Square institution, sharing the meal with the restaurant's owner Billy Bartley.

"The Scott Brown," which comes with bacon, American cheese, grilled onions, jalapeños, and french fries, has been on the menu a while; but Brown said he had yet to taste it.

"I'm not a big jalapeños guy," Brown said, but he explained that he thought the spicy peppers nicely complemented the other flavors.

Not surprisingly, Brown passed on "The Elizabeth Warren" burger, named after Brown's Democratic opponent, Harvard Law School professor Elizabeth Warren, who will face Brown in the 2012 Massachusetts Senate race.

The trip into Warren's Cambridge stronghold was a rare one for Brown, but the Senator said that he has been frequenting Bartley's for years. As a college student at Tufts University, Brown explained, he used to make the trip into Harvard Square to enjoy a burger or stop by the Hong Kong Restaurant, a perennial late-night favorite for Harvard students.

In between bites, the Republican candidate reflected on his campaign's strategy for reelection.

"I'm just going to concentrate on doing my job," Brown said. "The best that I can do is remind people why they voted for me."