Having tragically missed Visitas as an actual prefrosh, I felt as if I was lacking a fundamental aspect of the Harvard Experience. This past weekend, I finally got my chance (again). Taking advantage of my journalistic skills and one semester of seventh grade drama class, I went undercover to experience the life of a prefrosh.

To get a head start on making prefrosh friends, I infiltrated the Harvard Class of 2016 Facebook group. When one student asked if anyone else was staying in the Quad, I said I would be in Weld (also in the Quad—right?).

On the actual weekend, I sported a 2016 backpack and a red folder (which I did not steal from an unsuspecting prefrosh). My disguise failed to startle any prefrosh, but a few current students were quite confused. I overheard one junior behind me say, "But I could have sworn she was in my section. I guess all white people look the same."

Outside Annenberg, a few students told me to come to an event in Canaday that would feature Finale.

I asked if that was a finals club.

Speaking with prefrosh was slightly (or extremely) awkward. I felt horrible misleading potential students, as they were so friendly and inclusive. But this did not stop me.

One student said something about the president of Harvard. I asked who the president was and, when she said, "Drew Faust," I asked if he was any good.

Another student said his bags were in Adams House. "Who is Adam?"

I was at least partially successful in making prefrosh think I was not a freshman, and I was completely successful in making them think I had no idea what was going on.

My last plan was to head to Boylston for a meet-and-greet sponsored by a Republican student organization on campus. However, due to a complete lack of attendance on the part of other prefrosh, my plans to mingle were foiled.

And so, after a weekend of scintillating ice-breakers, such as "What's your name?" "Where are you from?" and "Why are there so many ice-cream socials?" I was left to conclude that prefrosh are friendly, accepting of the ignorant, and overwhelmingly liberal.