If you're one of the many people who walk by J.P. Licks on a daily basis, you may have noticed something different these past few days: one of the store's windows, until Monday, was boarded up. The window was shattered when a scuffle between two unidentified groups on Mass. Ave. resulted in one male being pushed into the window and breaking it at approximately 12:45 a.m. on Saturday morning, according to the police report.

The J.P. Licks employee who filed the report with the police explained that the involved parties reportedly did not intend to break the window and fled the scene after causing the property damage.

As the report explains, "one male pushed another into the pane of glass at the store and broke it…They then fled down Mass. Ave. toward the square."

If broken windows ring a bell, you may be thinking of the debacle at Mr. Bartley's last year. Bartley was eager to point fingers at potential suspects, naming Joe Biden as a possibility as well as any unnamed drunk individual who may have "put a butt through it [the window]."

Where Bartley was willing to talk, however, those at J.P. Licks have declined to comment, leaving us to speculate on the identities of those involved in the scuffle. Having already replaced the broken window, we can only guess that J.P. Licks has decided to forgive and forget.