Next Saturday students will turn in the last batch of final exams and the 2011-2012 school year will be officially complete. The class of 2012, which only has a few tests, senior week, and Commencement ahead of them, can attest to the fact that your Harvard experience really will finish before you can say "Primal Scream." While there is no way to slow the passing of time, Flyby suggests that you take advantage of your remaining weeks, semesters, or years here and partake in those Harvard traditions that you will regret forgoing after graduation.

Jump off the Charles Bridge!

The toxicity of the Charles is ubiquitous, but the river has been cleaned up, really! You won't spend a great deal of time in the water anyway, and therefore you'll be completely safe as long as you watch out for boat traffic, bacteria, blue-green algae, and the occasional alligator.

Ring the Bells

Tired of hearing those boisterous Lowell Bells, but secretly wishing that you could ring them yourself? Make the trek to Lowell bell tower on a Sunday at 1 p.m. It's open to anyone who wishes to give noise making a try, all you have to do is make your way up to the top of F entry way. Lowellians, we apologize in advance.

Visit ALL the Libraries

Harvard has a pretty impressive offering of libraries, and yes, they extend beyond Lamont, Widener, and Cabot. Visit all of them and get a taste for our extensive and diverse collections. We leave to your discretion the activities you choose to engage in upon arrival.


Maybe you've been watching your caloric intake or maybe you haven't been in the right to state to enjoy fine dining at the Kong. Whatever your reason for avoiding the establishment, we must insist that you partake in a Scorpion bowl and late night Chinese food before you call yourself a Harvard graduate.

The Three Tasks

Accomplishing the Three Tasks before graduating is like section readings: technically mandatory, generally ignored by most, but totally worth it—or so they say—for those that get around to doing them.

Read in the Secret Garden

Located behind the all-too-familiar facade of our beloved Lamont, is a secret garden hidden from Mass Ave by a high wall. Step through the wrought-iron gate between Wigglesworth and Lamont to enjoy Dudley Garden, an intimate space that's perfect for enjoying a good book. Hey, we came here to read and learn didn't we?

Anything else worth doing? Let us know by leaving a comment.