The Harvard-Radcliffe Rugby Football Club bypassed traditional forms of fundraising by creating a method of raising money unique to their athleticism: moving. Calling themselves "Radcliffe Movers," members of the Women's Rugby team will work in groups of two and three people to assist students as they move boxes and furniture out of their dorms and into house storage facilities. "We get off-season lifting workouts, you get your stuff moved," reads the tagline on the Radcliffe Movers sign-up form.

This is the first time that the Women's Rugby Team has offered their help in moving students out of their dorms, and 32 undergraduates have already purchased moving assistance by signing up on the Radcliffe Movers google form that circulated over House and organization email lists this weekend.

The Radcliffe Movers will begin their work on Monday, May 7, and continue moving items through Friday, May 10. They'll be charging $20 for the first hour and $10 for each additional hour of labor. About two-thirds of the rugby team's 35 members has volunteered time to help out with the moves.