It's 1:30 in the morning, and you're hungry. But where do you go? It is a divisive debate among the Harvard student body, and loyalties to the Square's late-night stops run deep. Over an 11 day period, The Crimson will debate 11 popular choices around campus. Now up: Domino's.

Harvard Square has a rich legacy of unique, one-of-a-kind restaurants. Mr. Bartley’s, Noch’s, and the Kong are just a few of the places that we all must experience at some point during our time here at Harvard.

But when it comes to late-night food stops, one Harvard Square tradition towers over the rest. I am, of course, talking about Domino’s Pizza.

There is no question that when it comes to convenience, Domino’s can’t be beat. Who wants to trek all the way to IHOP in the pouring rain or freezing winter when you can have Domino’s delivered right to your door? Pizzas often arrive in 20 minutes, sometimes less, and Domino’s online tracking system tells you where in the pizza-making process your food is (and, to make it that much more personal, the name of the individual preparing it), never leaving you wondering how much longer until it’s in your hands.

Domino’s is also the best late-night value at Harvard (sorry CVS, Tostitos chips and salsa doesn’t count as a meal—if I wanted that, I would just go to brain break and get it for free). Using one of Domino’s continuously-available online coupons, you can get two two-topping medium pizzas for just $5.99 each. To put that in perspective, that’s an entire eight-slice pizza for about the same price as one Felipe’s burrito, only a dollar more than two slices at Noch’s, and cheaper than virtually all the entrees at the Kong. Instead of taking a bite out of your wallet, it’s time to start biting into the best value in town.

The final, and most often overlooked, benefit of Domino’s is the quality of its food. Domino’s makes a pretty damn good pizza. Those of you who haven’t had Domino’s in a long while may be scratching your heads, remembering the cardboard crust and plastic cheese of our childhood. I can assure you, those days are long gone. Domino’s has completely reinvented its pizzas over the last couple of years, introducing a new sauce, new cheese, and flavored crusts that are the quite possibly best you’ve ever had.

Plus, with dozens of toppings and trillions of possible topping combinations—not to mention its entire lineup of sandwiches, delicious cheesy breadsticks, desserts, and other non-pizza options—Domino’s offers a variety that can’t be found anywhere else at 1:30 AM.

Some of you may be outraged at the sauciness of my claims. Others may find this post a bit cheesy at first. But once you get past all that, there is no denying, in the wee hours of the night, Domino’s is the best option around.