Soon, students logging onto their my.harvard accounts won't be greeted with the recognizable gray boxes of the old website. Instead, they'll see another familiar sight: a photograph of Harvard Yard, one of the central components of Eva Stojchevka's winning entry in the my.harvard redesign contest. Stojchevska, a rising sophomore, will receive a $200 prize for her work.

"I was obviously thrilled to hear that I had won, especially because the way the design was picked was through a general Harvard vote," Stojchevska said.

Stojchevska said that she was inspired to enter the contest so that she could both give back to Harvard and bring the website up to date. "Harvard is at the cutting-edge on various other fronts, so I felt like the design of the primary webpage for members of the Harvard community should be no exception," Stojchevska explained. According to my.harvard, the new design will be implemented by mid-August.