Fall has come to Harvard Yard and you know what that means—Halloween! An excuse to wear whatever costume you please and to gorge yourself on candy. Speaking of candy, if you’re going trick-or-treating to make up for the childhood you lost studying, the one candy that you should make sure to receive is candy corn.

For some absurd reason, it’s the most debated Halloween candy you will find. It’s like dining hall food—you hate it or you love it. Except for the fact that those who hate it are seriously confused. Prose cannot properly express the wonder of this creation, so poetry will try to suffice:

Oh candy corn! The treat so good, Oreos put it as a filling for its cream
For those who weren’t blessed to have tasted this wonderful treat,
Candy corn is a corn kernel shaped special eat.

You can always have Dum Dums or Hershey’s chocolate
Any time of the year,
But it’s candy corn
That will bring the best Halloween cheer.

And if don’t want to repeatedly go to CVS to buy tons of these delicious treats,
You can make them yourself, bon appetit!