For those of us who need a reprieve from red chicken and turkey burgers, or simply do not want to stand in line for a bagel at brain break (seriously—it shouldn’t take an hour for you to put cream cheese on your bagel, people...), HUDS’ cereals are a shining beacon of hope for the hungry.

However, the many cereal options can make it tough for the average snacker to decide. Should you go for the Cracklin’ Oat Bran or the Marshmallow Mateys? What exactly are these Frosted Mini Spooners? Will Optimum Power really give me the power I need to finish this CS50 problem set?

We at the Flyby hope to make this life-altering decision a little bit easier with our recommendations.

Best in Show: Toastie O’s.

These crowd favorites work for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The versatility of the Toastie O lends itself to perfect pairing with milk, yogurt, fruit, or even chocolate. As if this impressive resume wasn’t enough, Toastie O’s (or, you know, their Cheerio counterparts) are clinically proven to help people lower cholesterol and live longer. By eating these little golden rings you’re not only satisfying your hunger, but also taking care of yourself. Your family physician would be so proud.

Best Guilty Pleasure: Marshmallow Mateys.

With a main ingredient of straight up sugar, (not even disguised on the label as high fructose corn syrup) this combination of marshmallow and crunchy cereal bits will be sure to spike your energy levels, keeping you up long enough to finish your problem set. Disclaimer: may cause you to fall into a sugar-induced coma at your desk around 2 a.m.

Best Study Buddy: Apple Zings

These colorful rings are, to put it simply, a party in your mouth. While not quite as sugar heavy as our beloved Mateys, these apple-y flavored treats are addicting and perfect for continuous snacking. Grab a bowl (or three) of these along with your Gen Ed readings, and you are all set to buckle down for the long haul. Apple Zings get bonus points for fitting the fall mood everyone seems to be in lately.

Worst Cereal: CRISPY RICE

First of all, why is the name of this cereal in all capital letters? Why does CRISPY RICE get to take all the credit for the job that Oaty Bites is doing just as well? Besides being angered by CRISPY RICE’s clear lack of regard for the feelings of other cereals, we at the Flyby think this cereal is simply a poor substitute for the original Snap, Crackle, and Pop of our childhoods. Too bland to be eaten alone, and not versatile enough to be paired with other foods, CRISPY RICE simply falls short, and should be served only in CRISPY RICE TREAT form for the rest of its days.

Before we conclude things here, we want to make one thing clear. From best cereal to worst cereal, it is impossible to really appreciate the flavor of each one with the tiny plastic bowls available at Brain Break. We recommend wearing running shoes and stretchy pants to this nightly event in order to prepare yourself for the multiple trips you will be making as you try to get your cereal fix.

Whether you are a cereal connoisseur, or simply like to dabble in the cereal sector, we invite you to form your own opinions on these HUDS specialties.