The Harvard football team should have plenty to be happy about during the game this weekend. Players (and spectators if you feel like joining in), Flyby has come up with a few ways to keep your celebratory dances fresh—even after the 15th touchdown against Yale.

1. The Quad – Right after making your touchdown, go run to the other field and back. Only then will you actually be home (you could wait for the shuttle, but it will inevitably never show up).

2. The Capital Campaign – Isn’t every touchdown worth $6.5 billion? Make it rain like Drew Faust in her free time (when nobody’s watching).

3. The Premed – Wait, why are you busy playing football? Go do your homework.

4. The Dirty Laundry – Take off your jersey, remove it from an imaginary washer, give it a sniff, and thank God that you go to Harvard.

5. The Harvard Yard – As your teammates pretend they are tourists, taking photos of everything that moves, do the dance that every freshman has to every day in getting from their dorm to Annenberg.

6. The CS50 – Pound your head against the ground until things compile. Then run around shouting, “This is CS50.” That’s all there is to it.

7. The Lamonster – Pound your chest; give us a roar; and act like you’ve at least once stepped out of the library. Stereotypical Harvard football player.