Now that classes have begun and you're in round-the-clock procrastination mode, Flyby presents a quick roundup of all the interesting things on the Internet that you missed while scrolling through Facebook.

1) Intro to Congress 1310, Still in Session

With talk of the Intro to Congress cheating scandal still fanning media flames months after its investigation, this case is taking longer to resolve than the time it takes Congress to agree on a Bill. Everyone, it seems, is taking this opportunity to weigh in on Harvard's practices, including late night talk show host Jon Stewart. Stewart voiced his disbelief that the test was administered "open-Internet" and scathingly asked, "Is this Harvard or the University of Phoenix?"

2) Pope or Nope?

Ah, the wonders of the Internet, giving anybody with a WiFi signal the ability to cast upon the world their every whim and complaint. The White House has a whole website devoted to just this: virtual petitions that people can "sign," enabling them to hop on board various causes without ever leaving their laptops. In the wake of Pope Benedict XVI's resignation, Yalies nominated the Yale University Vice President Linda Koch Korimer for the papal position. So, what does the Internet think: New Haven or the Vatican, pope are nope? We're thinking nope—the petition managed to gain 30 signatures (with 99,970 to go) before it was shut down. Nice try, guys.

3) Harvard Shake

As freshmen squirm and worry over the impending formation of blocking groups, Houses gear up to welcome them to their hallowed halls. In preparation, Pfoho staged its own vibrating version of the Harlem Shake. Yale, too, released a Harlem Shake—Nemo Edition, although whether the students are dancing or violently shivering in the snow is anyone's guess.