Seasonal Affective Disorder have you feeling blue? Are those copious amounts of chocolate you consumed to console your single self on Valentine's Day not making things much better? Well, this just might be the semester to turn things around and spread a little self love.

The Happiness Semester Challenge, spearheaded by the Happiness Project, seeks to make Harvard students' lives a little more joyful. Those who sign up will be sent emails with a stress-free challenge to complete during the course of a week. An email sent at the end of the week will check up on how participants fared with that challenge.

There will be chances to discuss the week's task with other participants over the email list, and occasionally to win prizes for successfully completing the challenges.

We at Flyby will be blogging our way through the challenges. The deadline to sign up has been extended until Friday at midnight. There are already 650 participants signed up. That's a lot of positive energy.

Sign up, and let's try this happiness thing out.