Harvard's men's basketball team is first in the Ivy League, which means we might want to start taking school spirit seriously. But this can be hard. And since I am incredibly qualified to advise other Harvard students how to show some spirit (I did watch all three "Bring It On" movies), here are some tips.

1. Face Paint

Nothing says "I love sports" quite like face paint. You can put it on your cheeks, your chest, or your car to cover up that dent your parents don't know about. If you don't want shell out the cash for crimson face paint, you can get the same red-faced effect by running around for a couple minutes or blushing constantly.

2. Go to a Game

It may sound extreme, but the good news is that you don't have to go for long. Just long enough to snap a selfie of you in your face paint and get interviewed for the next Crimson article. For which you should say "Go Crimson!!!!" Make sure to convey all the exclamation marks. Fans like punctuation.

3. Follow a Player

Find an athlete (preferably a good looking and single one) and become their number one fan. Cheer for them at games, study their statistics and memorize their class schedules. Trust me, this is the closest to socially acceptable stalking that you will ever get.

4. Make a Bet

Put your money where your mouth is; make a bet and suck on a quarter (it's a good source of copper). It's easy. Just find your bookie and put twenty dollars down on the Harvard basketball team, or, if you are playing Roulette, all your chips on Crimson.