On Sunday, millions of Americans took a break from their humdrum lives to tune into one of the biggest television events of the year, and possibly of the decade. Even Harvard managed to make an appearance, with professor Daniel T. Gilbert starring in a Super Bowl ad. But for those of you who somehow missed this momentous event, Flyby has recapped the 10 most phenomenal moments of the evening.

1. When Beyoncé’s silhouette first emerged out of fire and lights.

2. When Beyoncé took off her jacket to reveal an even more fabulous get up of black leather and lace.

3. When tens of Beyoncé holograms emerged, as if one wasn't already too much to handle.

4. When there was an exploding guitar.

5. When you realized that Beyoncé doesn't sweat.

6. When Beyoncé smized better than Tyra Banks ever could.

7. When crazy fans stroked Beyoncé's knee and you were jealous.

8. When Destiny's Child reunited and your 12-year-old self squealed in glee.

9. When Destiny's Child struck a perfect "Charlie's Angels" pose.

10. When Beyoncé's live voice was perfect.

Last week, during the Super Bowl press conference, Beyoncé said, "I will absolutely be singing live.... I am well-rehearsed. This is what I was born to do."

We couldn't agree more.

Oh, and apparently there was also a football game, but really we would rather watch Beyoncé dance with footballs.