Something any shopping trip can teach you is that one size does not fit all. That amazing top your friend was raving about can leave you feeling like you've made a major faux pas. And of course, there's always the worry that the ahead-of-the-curve discovery that fits you perfectly this semester will be discovered by the world and their linkmate the next. Shopping, whichever way you look at it, can be stressful.

Sometimes you go window-shopping and immediately find something you just have to have. Occasionally, that gem you've been coveting online turns out to look just as good in person.  But all too often, the cute little number that seemed like such a good idea during the buzz of your shopping trip turns out to be the academic equivalent of sporting socks and Crocs (or honestly, just Crocs alone).

We've all been there, and even Harvard understands that sometimes it takes you more than the short five days of shopping week to find an ensemble you can rock all semester.

So when you realize that you'll have to skip lunch the next few months if you want to keep your purchase, remember the add/drop form, the world's best return policy. Flyby is here to remind you: fret not if your shopping trip takes a little longer than expected. Keep searching for that perfect fit (at least until you lose the receipt for your textbooks, or until that return policy expires on February 25th). And never settle for Crocs.