Freshmen who had not yet grown accustomed to life at Harvard were made a little more so Wednesday evening when they learned their formal dance, previously scheduled for Friday, had been postponed. The cause: a blizzard. Yes, that's right, a blizzard. Forty-five mile per hour winds, feet of snow, near zero visibility—the works. (An Act of God, you ask? Probably not this time, but only time will tell.)

Citing transportation hazards and a possible MBTA closure, the freshmen events committee assured students it would announce the date of the rescheduled dance next week.

For those wondering if the cancellation is legitimate, Flyby has some stats on the coming storm: the National Weather Service in Boston has forecasted as much as 18 to 24 inches of snow in eastern Massachusetts. To drive this point home further, this is likely more snow than the average Texan sees in his or her lifetime. (We say 'likely' because who knows what global warming will really bring?)

To those rare freshmen who have been anticipating the tipsy T-surfing, copious chocolate fountains, and a ballroom much too large for a group that just wants to dance really, really close together, we say—what could be more fun than being trapped in the Yard? Occupy liked it. And the snow won't start until Friday, so there's no risk of missing classes or being distracted from catching up on that reading you're already behind on. Formal dances can be rescheduled; blizzards come but once each year. (Unless it's 2011 or you live in Wisconsin.)